Find and Collect Widget

At Amazon, I was approached by the video games team to create a widget that allowed users to engage with the Skylanders ... Details

Moonrise – Mobile Game

Moonrise is the first mobile game created by the awesome Undead Labs game company in Pioneer Square, Seattle. I had the ... Details

Amazon Buying Guide

Initially, the Buying Guide project was meant for's internal baby site, with sub-categories ranging from baby... Details

Turning Desktop into Mobile uses a variety of widgets to display content and sell products on their desktop site. The mobile version of A... Details

Yabbly App

Yabbly is an app that lets users inform each other about  purchasing decisions on any kind of product you can imagine; ... Details

Quingo for iPad and iPhone

Quingo is an iPad and iPhone trivia Bingo game that gives to your favorite charity. Here are screenshots from the actual... Details

Z2 Community Layer

One of many screens designed for game company  Z2's community layer. I upgraded the UX and UI on the entire menu system... Details

I was responsible for the UX, UI and layout for the Family Center and Settings areas for's updated Met... Details

MTGO – Store

At Wizards of the Coast, I was in charge of wire-framing and visual design for Magic the Gathering Online V3's user inte... Details

A/B Testing at Xbox

These screens were A/B tested to see which user experience allowed for the highest click-through and ultimately highest ... Details

Battle Nations – New

Mobile game company Z2, rolled out some new features in 2013 to their already extremely successful RPG, Battle Nations. ... Details

Nebula Widgets

"Resource usage" widgets designed for a Microsoft development team who wanted a "Star Trek" feel to their internal inter... Details

It’s Full of Stars

Pie-in-the-sky, social media project I concepted and designed for an internal Microsoft group.  Circles on the left ela... Details

Shadowslayer (aka Battle

I worked on Shadowslayer (né Battle Kings) when I was a designer at Z2, a game which ultimately did not make it to the ... Details

Microsoft eHome

The Microsoft eHome project required multiple input touchpoints - desktop computer, remote control TV and wall-embedded ... Details

Mobile Flying Game –

I did UX and UI for this boosts screen using the existing style from the Metalstorm Aces 3D mobile game by Z2.... Details