About Blake


Since she was a little girl, Blake consumed all the science fiction and fantasy movies and books she could get her sticky little hands on, hoarding Heavy Metal magazine in her closet with her Arthur C. Clarke and Tanith Lee novels.

Dad took her to see films like 2001, Conan and THX 1138, all powerfully influencing her to become the sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, fantasy-loving freak she is today.

With a head full of alienscapes, hyperdrive dashboards and fantastical realms, Blake adds sophistication, mystery and charm to digital projects, including game interfaces, websites and interactive digital media.

Blake is a UI and UX designer for web, mobile devices and multi-media projects. She’s passionate about digital design, layout, typography and iconography.  She uses Flash and html5 to prototype animations and employs white-boarding and wire-framing in close collaboration with team members.  She has over 10 years experience creating professional design comps and assets and is comfortable working directly with programmers. With a degree in film and video, she’s also knowledgeable about film shoots, editing and implementing video assets.

Blake has a master’s degree in film and video from American University/FAMU Prague, CZ and a bachelor of science in broadcast journalism from the University of Colorado. Her hobbies include writing and producing music, ceramics, writing stories and poetry, and practicing and teaching martial arts and yoga.

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